Quem Quer Ser Contabilista.

Realtime quiz game, designed to entertain thousands of people attending events in Altice Arena.

Quem Quer Ser ContabilistaQuem Quer Ser Contabilista

A quiz game for accountants.

This product was conceived to entertain accountants during an event occurring in Altice Arena, played simultaneously by over 4000 people.

With three main components, this game allowed for realtime score updates and answer feedbacks, questions customization and full playing autonomy.

Our team developed a mobile app for players to enter live events, answer questions and even play at home. More than an entertainment tool, this game is also a self-evaluation tool for accountants to prepare for exams.

A quiz game for accountants

Generate more engagement.

A web app designed to project the live games on a big screen generates buzz and excitement around each game, bringing more engagement among event attendants.

Developed with a fun design, this app is 100% syncronized with all players’ mobile apps to ensure a flawless game experience.

Generate more engagement

Analytics and game stats.

The admin app shows game and players stats to game managers. In the app, a manager can see which questions and categories are generating more errors and difficulty, which allows the organisation to tailor their workshops to the needs of their users.

This platform allows the manager to create customisable games on the spot, granting the much needed autonomy to run an event with thousands of people.

Analytics and game stats