Cloudware Websites.

A website manager and landing page generator.

Cloudware WebsitesCloudware Websites

More than a website.

We built a website administrator and landing page generator to answer to the client's needs. The client has multiple products, formative events, and different campaigns, so more than a static website, they needed to be able to update their content regularly.

We developed an intuitive and simple admin, built with JAM Stack technology, improving CDN propagation, SEO, and reducing the learning curve of the website administrator.

More than a website

SEO optimization.

One of the requirements for this stack of websites was they needed to be fully SEO optimised.

We used multiple tools to achieve better SEO score than our client's direct competitors, besides providing content consulting to improve the overall score even more.

SEO optimization

Full autonomy.

In the end, the final product allows our client to edit the websites alone, without the need to call our team asking for content updates or other time-consuming tasks.

The main goal is to allow the customer to have full control over their product, without paying high maintenance fees and without back and forth emails or calls.

Full autonomy