One digital marketing platform for all the networks. This product gathers all social media campaigns' data in one dashboard.


All campaigns in one place.

YAds is a web platform that allows the user to see campaigns' data from multiple social media networks in one place. Instead of having to generate campaign reports from Google, Facebook, and all subnetworks, this platform aggregates all the information in one dashboard.

Daily jobs fetch data from the networks, process it, send warnings and reports to campaign managers and load it up to the web platform.

YAds has two distinct components: a client dashboard and a campaign manager dashboard. The campaign manager dashboard allows the marketer to have an overview of all the campaigns they're managing, if the targets of the campaign are being met and to generate analytic reports from all networks.

All campaigns in one place

Complex information made simple.

The client dashboard allows the final customer to check how much is being invested in each network, which one is generating more results among other things. This web app is more graphic and illustrates complex information in a way non-marketing users can understand. Customers can consult the status of their campaigns at any time, generate a report of the month, among other features.

Complex information made simple